Federal Court drills down to “core” of patent to find essential features

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Jusand Nominees Pty Ltd v Rattlejack Innovations Pty Ltd [2023] FCAFC 178 The sufficiency requirement established under the Raising The Bar (RTB) amendments back in 2013 has now, for the first time, been the subject of an appellate-level decision of the Federal Court. Background Jusand Nominees Pty Ltd brought an assertion of infringement of their […]

Geographical Indications News – International Updates 

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Australia-EU Free Trade Agreement (A-EUFTA)  In September 2023, we wrote about the state of negotiations for the A-EUFTA and the implications this agreement would have for Australian intellectual property law, particularly in relation to Geographical Indication trade marks.   The European Union (EU) has a long list of marks it proposed to have protected in Australia […]