9 day fortnight continues to have positive impact on MBIP’s growth

In November 2018 we introduced a 9 day work fortnight at Michael Buck IP. One year on, it has proven to be very successful, not only in terms of staff morale but also productivity.

When we started the new shorter fortnight trial, we knew we were doing something unique. As noted in our previous blog, flexible working arrangements may be more common in independent businesses and government organisations. ­­Our experienced attorneys have worked at some of Australia’s largest intellectual property firms so we know how conservative some law firms can be when it comes to innovation in the workplace. With the rise of remote working software and easy access to corporate email 24/7 through our smartphones, breaking away from work can feel more difficult than ever. Boutique firms like ours have the advantage of being able to be more flexible and nimble.

Andy Mukherji, Principal says “By allowing staff a day to schedule personal commitments and life admin they wouldn’t be able to get done on a non-business day, we’re helping them maintain high engagement”.

Jeremy Moller, Senior Associate says “The extra day off helps me mentally refresh which is essential when dealing with important inventions”.

Efficiency and productivity are up

MBIP has continued its upward trajectory and the firm’s patent and trademark filings have been steadily growing in 2019.  Patent filing figures for MBIP have continued to grow with the firm increasing patent filings by 22% and trade mark filings by 35% (from FY2018 to FY2019). Earlier this year MBIP was listed among the top 10 filers of Australian provisional patent applications and international patent applications for Australian patent filers, quite an achievement for a firm of our size and reflective of the firm’s strong emphasis on servicing local businesses and inventors. The productivity boost as a result of the 9 day working fortnight has resulted in a productivity boost of over 30%.

The firm has grown significantly over the last 3 years to include five patent attorneys, two specialist trade mark attorneys, a designs specialist and a marketing manager, and more recently a new trainee attorney has joined the firm.

We are now rolling out a work from home trial which will mean that attorneys will be able to work from home one day a week. 

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of a progressive and positive work environment please contact us at confidential@mbip.com.au.