We understand that engaging an accountant is a smart business decision.


Good business decisions often require guidance from a variety of professional service providers, each with specialist knowledge in their area of expertise.

At MBIP we always keep the big picture in mind. We want to refer our clients to trusted, professional service providers who can not only assist our clients but also understand what we do.

With so many DIY options available to clients, we also understand how challenging it can be to convince them of the value that you can provide – it’s a challenge we face, too.

The more ways you can demonstrate your capacity to help improve their business from a broader perspective, the better. That’s why we want to provide you with some information that you may find useful. Here’s a quick reference guide:

ScenarioIP related questionsHow MBIP can help

Your client has purchased an existing business

Is IP part of the business sale agreement? Should it be? Do IP assignments need to be recorded?

Are trade marks, designs or patent registrations due for renewal?

•  IP due diligence searches and report

•  IP assignment deeds and recordals

•  IP renewal

Your client is starting a new business

Is your client’s preferred name available for use and registration?

Will your client infringe prior IP rights when it commences the new business?

•  Trade mark availability searches

•  Trade mark protection advice

•  Trade mark registration

Your client wants to start exporting product overseas

Are the products protected by design or patent registrations overseas?

Is a business already trading under your client’s name in intended export countries?

•  Overseas ‘freedom to operate’ searches and advice

•  Strategic advice on options for brand consistency

•  Foreign trade mark, design or patent registration

Your client has a great new business idea, but is concerned it might be too close to what a third party is already doing

What is the third party’s business or product, and how does your client’s idea differ?

Does the third party have validly registered IP rights in Australia?

•  Infringement advice

•  Strategic advice on options to avoid infringement

•  IP searches and registration

Your client has been accused of infringing a third party’s IP rights

Are the third party’s rights registered?

When did the respective parties commence use of the relevant IP?

How is your client using the allegedly infringing IP, and is your client willing

to amend this?

Is there any history between the parties?

•    Infringement advice

•    Responses to letters of demand / cease and desist letters

•    IP coexistence and settlement agreements

Your client has filed their own trade mark / design / patent and has received objections

What objections have been raised?

Does your client wish to pursue the application?

•    Advice regarding options for overcoming objections

•    Examination responses

We have also created a number of resources to assist you and your clients with their IP-related issues:


Being able to get your client thinking about their IP needs – and having a trusted local IP firm to refer to – demonstrates that you have the entirety of your clients’ businesses in mind. We’re available to assist with any questions you or your clients might have – our initial consultations are free of charge.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 07 3369 2226 or mail@mbip.com.au.