Amazon aims to zero in on counterfeit products

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Amazon recently announced an exciting new anti-counterfeiting program, dubbed Project Zero. 

Intended to significantly reduce counterfeiting through the use of several user-controlled tools, Project Zero utilizes a suite of automated protections made possible via machine learning, combined with a self-service counterfeit removal tool and a new product serialisation service.  Amazon describes these features as follows:

Automated protections

Powered by Amazon’s machine learning expertise, automated protections continuously scan our stores and proactively remove suspected counterfeits. Brands provide us with their logos, trademarks, and other key data about their brand, and we scan over 5 billion product listing updates every day, looking for suspected counterfeits. We’ve been testing these automated protections with a number of brands, and on average, our automated protections proactively stop 100 times more suspected counterfeit products as compared to what we reactively remove based on reports from brands.

Self-service counterfeit removal tool

This tool provides brands with the ability to remove counterfeit listings themselves. Previously, brands would need to report a counterfeit to Amazon, and we would then investigate these reports and take action. With Project Zero, brands no longer need to contact us to remove a counterfeit listing. Instead, they can do so, quickly and easily, using our new self-service tool. This provides brands with an unprecedented ability to directly control and remove listings from our store. This information also feeds into our automated protections so we can better catch potential counterfeit listings proactively in the future.

Product serialization

Product serialization is a service that allows us to individually scan and confirm the authenticity of every one of a brand’s products that are purchased in Amazon’s stores. The product serialization service provides a unique code for every unit that is manufactured, and the brand puts these codes on its products as part of its manufacturing process. Every time a product using our serialization service is ordered in Amazon’s stores, we scan and verify the authenticity of the purchase. With this product serialization service, we can now detect and stop counterfeiting for every product unit before it reaches a customer. 

Whilst Project Zero is currently only open to those invited to participate in the program, other interested brand owners can sign up to the waitlist to join the program here:

To enable brand owners to enjoy the added protection afforded by Project Zero, they must first be enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry.  You can read more about the Brand Registry here

You can take steps now to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements for the Brand Registry: brands must have a registered and active ‘traditional’ trade mark (i.e. word or design rather than a sound or scent mark, for example). 

A registered Australian trade mark meets the requirements to join the Brand Registry.  Please reach out to one of our Trade Marks Attorneys if you would like assistance registering a trade mark in Australia or abroad.

Geraldine Rimmer
Geraldine Rimmer, Senior Associate