Geraldine Rimmer, Trade Marks Attorney
By Geraldine Rimmer – Trade Marks Attorney

Since the Australian launch of Amazon last year, the Trade Marks Department at MBIP have experienced an increase in client enquiries about how to protect their trade marks when selling on Amazon.  The challenges of protecting trade mark rights in this type of online marketplace can be overwhelming for sellers to say the least.

Amazon itself offers a mechanism which helps sellers to protect their registered trade marks, while trading on Amazon.  It is a program called the AMAZON BRAND REGISTRY – it is not compulsory to join the program as a seller, but it is certainly advisable.

AMAZON BRAND REGISTRY (ABR) – why register for this program?


Traders must have a registered trade mark (which includes a word element), in one or more of the countries specified by Amazon.  We are pleased to report that Australia is now one of the specified countries, following Amazon’s launch here last year.

Brand owners also need to provide Amazon with evidence of trade mark registration in one or more of these countries and evidence of how and where you are using the mark (for example on packaging or on your website).


Trade mark protection is extremely important for sellers trading in online markets such as Amazon, Ebay and other such sites.  Joining the Amazon Brand Registry is certainly a positive step towards managing the risk associated with counterfeiting which is rife in these forums.

Do not hesitate to contact our Trade Marks team if you have any questions about these issues, or importantly if you wish for us to assist you with registering your trade marks here in Australia or overseas.

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