AndyKirstyI’m very pleased to announce that Andy Mukherji has joined MBIP.  Andy is a registered Australian and New Zealand patent attorney with a PhD in chemical engineering and a science degree in physics.

Andy’s an excellent communicator and, I’m discovering, has a highly developed sense of humour. He brings a wealth of high level technical expertise and great patent preparation and prosecution skills to Michael Buck IP.

Andy was trained in the Melbourne office of Griffith Hack and he was most recently an attorney at Cullens here in Brisbane.

Speaking of Cullens, according to a public announcement earlier this week, Cullens has been purchased by publicly listed company IPH Limited.  Remarkably, Sydney based IPH Limited now owns the three largest Brisbane firms of Fisher Adams Kelly (Callinans), Cullens and Pizzeys as well as the Sydney firm of Spruson and Ferguson. But I digress!

Andy’s arrival here heralds an exciting new phase for MBIP as we will now be able to serve clients in  chemical technology fields such as water and wastewater treatment, materials, science, food processing, mining, metallurgy and ore processing. If you need help protecting your inventions in those or other chemical fields then please get in touch.

For more information about Andy Mukherji check out Andy’s webpage at:

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– Michael Buck