Aspiring and current exporters: apply for EDMG funding before end of November

Did you spend money on exporting or marketing your goods or services overseas last financial year? drawing of dollar sign in notebook next to cup of tea

The Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme is an Australian Government financial assistance program providing export-ready small to medium businesses with financial assistance by reimbursing up to 50 per cent of eligible promotional expenses above $5,000 (provided that the total expenses are at least $15,000).  

How it works 

If you own goods or services* in Australia or a good made outside Australia where Australia will derive a significant net benefit from its sale overseas, then you may be eligible to apply. The program runs on a financial year basis and first time applicants are eligible to claim two years of expenses. After you have spent the money on claimable activities, you can then claim a grant from Austrade in the next financial year. 

Claimable activities include:  

  • Overseas representation expenses  
  • Marketing consultant expenses   
  • Marketing visits expenses  
  • Free samples expenses  
  • Trade fairs, seminars, in-store promotion expenses  
  • Promotional literature and advertising expenses  
  • Overseas buyers expenses 
  • Patent and trade mark filing costs – the cost of granting, registering or extending rights under foreign laws in relation to eligible intellectual property (up to a maximum of $50,000 per application) may be claimed.  
  • IP insurance – the cost of obtaining insurance to protect these rights. 

The scheme provides up to eight grants to each eligible applicant (subject to available funds). 

Impact of COVID-19 

If you incurred EDMG-eligible expenses for activities that were impacted by COVID-19, e.g. trade shows that were cancelled, these activities will be treated as having taken place.  

In addition to increased EMDG program funding, the EMDG export performance requirements for 2020–21 have been waived. This is to ensure businesses will not have their EMDG reimbursement reduced should their export income fall due to COVID-19. 

The deadline for lodging your 2019-20 EMDG claim is 30 November 2020. If you are using an approved EDMG consultant, they have until 2 March 2021 to lodge the application on your behalf. 

Visit to find out full eligibility requirements and apply, or contact Austrade on 13 28 78 to clarify your eligibility. 

This information constitutes general information only and is current as of September 2020.  

MBIP can provide formal cost estimates if these are required. In addition, we can provide you with details of consultants who may be able to assist you with the application process. 

*except those specified as ineligible in the EMDG Regulations