Louis Vuitton Trade Mark Disputes: High-End and High-Stakes

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In the fashion world, your name and reputation are crucial. The name of your brand and the distinctive branding elements you use to mark it (for example, a logo) can be protected by trade marks, to ensure customers can clearly identify your brand and to stop others from capitalising on your distinctive branding features, potentially […]

Implications of Generative AI for Intellectual Property  

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The rise in prominence of generative AI has brought about changes in the way the world operates in many respects, and continues to change the legal and professional landscape as its capabilities develop.   The term generative AI refers to artificial intelligence models which can generate new content after learning to recognise patterns and structures within […]

World IP Day 2024 – IP and 17 Sustainable Development Goals

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April 26th is a very special day in the IP community: World Intellectual Property Day. The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) established World IP day in 2000, and since then it has been used as an opportunity to reflect on how intellectual property (IP) impacts lives across the globe. This year, World IP Day focuses […]

Geographical Indications News – International Updates 

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Australia-EU Free Trade Agreement (A-EUFTA)  In September 2023, we wrote about the state of negotiations for the A-EUFTA and the implications this agreement would have for Australian intellectual property law, particularly in relation to Geographical Indication trade marks.   The European Union (EU) has a long list of marks it proposed to have protected in Australia […]

Client Spotlight – Dnoodle: A New Twist on Spillproof Technology


The Product  Are you a chronic drink spiller? Dnoodle is here to help.   The invention by MBIP clients Scott and Kristy Tarratt provides a spill-free drink holder through use of aerospace magnets combined with UV-resistant polycarbonate, stainless steel components, and durable 3M adhesive.   Based in Queensland, Kristy and Scott came up with the idea for […]

Client Spotlight – VirtuReal

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Tactical and weapons training presents defence and first responder organisations with unique challenges. Insufficient realism, real-time feedback and interaction, and spatial and monetary constraints can lead to inadequate or inconsistent training outcomes for high-risk situations.  Introducing VirtuReal’s Translocative Virtual Reality (TrVR) System: A highly immersive system that can drop dismounted combatants into a large scale, […]

Client Spotlight – bobi: A Breath of Fresh Air for Stress Management

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With mental health and wellbeing becoming more of a focus for people across the world, there are more innovative inventions occurring in this space which aim to improve wellbeing for people everywhere. When psychologist Damien Thomas noticed how difficult it was for his clients (particularly those suffering from stress and anxiety) to form good breathing […]

Client Spotlight: Audeara  

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It’s always exciting when one of our local clients experiences great success – as is the case for long time client Audeara in their recent announcement of quarterly results. The last year has seen some inspiring advancements for the Australian startup, including awards, overseas expansion, and plans for new projects.   About Audeara  Hearing health is […]

Barbie has a lot of IP Under Her Stylish Belt

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After the Barbie movie’s resounding success, both Barbie and Ken costumes were incredibly popular choices for Halloween this year, and no doubt Barbie will be on many Christmas wish lists heading into the festive season. Mattel poked fun at themselves in the movie, but with plans to license many of their children’s toys properties for […]