Brisbane-developed invention receives grant to further life-saving innovation

While they might currently be a personal style preference for many men, beards can be challenging for medical staff trying to treat a patient requiring a Bag Mask Ventilation (BMV) over their face. A BMV is used in emergency situations when patients require assistance to breathe. Facial hair reduces the ability to create an adequate seal on the patient’s face, making it almost impossible to deliver oxygen into their lungs to keep them alive. 

Developed by Dr Paul Scott, Scott Airway Management’s SAM Safety Shield overcomes these problems by providing a flexible and contoured surface to seal a BMV.  

In addition to addressing critical safety issues the SAM Safety Shield reduces viral transmission to health care workers, which is even more important after the emergence of COVID-19.   

Dr Scott has more than 17 years’ experience in anaesthesia and critical care and was recently featured on Channel Ten News. The SAM Safety Shield is currently being trialled in a number of public and private hospitals in Queensland. 

No doubt it is an exciting time for the Queensland-based business looking to scale up their medical devices. As recent recipients of the Advance Queensland initiative’s Ignite Ideas grant, Scott Airway Management will be able to accelerate the product into production and hopefully create more local manufacturing jobs along the way.  

Last year, Scott Airway Management received a Good Design Award (in the Product Design Medical and Scientific category) in recognition of their products outstanding design and innovation. 

At MBIP, our patents team has had the pleasure of working with Dr Scott and his team during their commercialization journey. We look forward to seeing what happens in their next chapter of innovation!   


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