Ceres Tag named number 1 in the 10 biggest breakthrough technologies for AgTech

The Ceres Tag is a comprehensive animal monitoring system and the world’s only direct-to-satellite smart geo-location ear tag, developed right here in Australia. In exciting news, Ceres Tag recently won the SVG Ventures Thrive Australia Challenge announced in Silicon Valley which was a great achievement, in addition to recently being announced #1 Big Breakthrough Technology for Ag Change in the Next Decade by the AgJournal of Weekend Australian.

Livestock operators have pre-ordered the tag and are eager to access it to reduce helicopter mustering and fuel costs on outback stations, while others are purchasing the tag for the many additional benefits it offers, including data feedback on pasture feeding efficiency, individual daily movements and paddock location, and even greenhouse gas emissions. Preventing stock theft is another bonus.

Ceres Tag will be released commercially in Queensland next May. In the meantime, wildlife management researchers are also keen to get their hands on the tags to track other animals; in fact they are currently being used in a trial to improve understanding of wild dogs. It is estimated wild dogs cause ~$80 million in lost productivity to the Australian livestock sector every year.

Michael Buck IP have been advising Ceres Tag on their intellectual property rights and protection for more than 3 years. We’ll keep you updated on their innovative developments in the new year.

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