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Client Spotlight – bobi: A Breath of Fresh Air for Stress Management

With mental health and wellbeing becoming more of a focus for people across the world, there are more innovative inventions occurring in this space which aim to improve wellbeing for people everywhere.

When psychologist Damien Thomas noticed how difficult it was for his clients (particularly those suffering from stress and anxiety) to form good breathing habits, he was inspired to create a device that would aid in breathing control. Enter bobi: a device that acts as a breathing companion.


bobi (short for “breathe out, breathe in”) is a handheld device which expands and contracts in time with your breathing in order to encourage conscious, steady breaths. This has a calming effect, and regular use helps to form lasting habits of healthy breathing, to regulate some ongoing effects of anxiety. The device’s tactile elements help not only to properly time breaths, but also to ground users experiencing panic or overthinking. As the user presses the bulb, pressure is applied to the back on the hand creating a ‘stroking’ sensation to minimise anxiety.

Not only does bobi guide users’ breaths in the midst of panic or while practicing optimal breathing habits, but the tool can also promote better sleep via use as part of a nighttime routine.

Design firm Design + Industry worked with bobi to bring Thomas’ concept for the tactile breathing device to reality. 

Good Design Awards

bobi was recently recognised in the Good Design Awards, a mark of recognition awarded by Good Design Australia.  The awards have been running for the past 65 years.  bobi received a Gold Award in the Sport and Lifestyle Product discipline. This win showcased the device’s design and utility.

The Good Design Awards are Australia’s most prestigious design endorsement, and being recognised in the awards is a remarkable feat for any business or designer. It’s great to see a local client working for a good cause receive this honour.

IP Protection

bobi was developed over a two-year R&D journey, and with the device’s unique features (for example, the removable palm pad and anxiety-reducing tactile pressure), intellectual property protection has been an important priority. MBIP has been assisting with intellectual property protection for bobi since 2021. It is important to protect your brand and invention in the markets in which the products will be sold, prior to selling the products there. Our Attorneys have filed for patent and trade mark rights in multiple countries, such as Australia, China, and the United States, where the products are already being embraced. 

If you have an innovative invention that has commercial, environmental, and/or societal impact and you want to protect it, contact MBIP today for a free consultation. Contact us via the “Book a Meeting” form on our website or by calling us on (07) 3369 2226.