Tactical and weapons training presents defence and first responder organisations with unique challenges. Insufficient realism, real-time feedback and interaction, and spatial and monetary constraints can lead to inadequate or inconsistent training outcomes for high-risk situations. 

Introducing VirtuReal’s Translocative Virtual Reality (TrVR) System: A highly immersive system that can drop dismounted combatants into a large scale, virtual environment for training purposes.

Recognising the potential for VR technology to reach beyond initial entertainment capabilities was an important part of the evolution of VirtuReal’s TrVR System.

The VirtuReal innovation journey began when inventor Jeremy Orr participated in Bond University’s Business Accelerator program. Since then, Orr has been expanding VirtuReal’s VR systems for almost a decade, specialising in the development of Translocative and Fully-Immersive Virtual Reality. Utilising a combination of advanced technologies (including omnidirectional treadmills, VR headsets for panoramic visuals, and haptic suits and gloves), the TrVR system allows users to interact with virtual environments much larger than the room they are in in the physical world, moving through and receiving feedback from a simulated environment while staying physically in the same place.

While the VR headset provides a visual and audio simulation, the haptic suit delivers the sensation of simulated touch through a carefully engineered pulse of electrical current to the equivalent area of the wearers physical body – a technology called “haptic feedback”. The omnidirectional treadmill allows the user to walk in place in any direction, for full body immersion into the virtual environment.

VirtuReal’s simulations can be tailored to fit the needs of different defence and first responder organisations, and the system has been tested with the Australian defence department.

Based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, VirtuReal is a local client that we are very proud to be working with to protect their cutting-edge technology and brand with patents and trade marks. MBIP has been involved with VirtuReal’s IP protection since 2020, with Principals Jeremy Moller and Geraldine Rimmer handling patent and trade mark matters for the VR company, respectively. MBIP has filed trademarks for VirtuReal in Australia and New Zealand, as well as patent applications for the organisation’s virtual reality system across multiple jurisdictions, including Australia & New Zealand, Europe, and the United States.

If you’re creating a state-of-the-art device, process, or method of manufacture, then IP Protection – especially patents – could be an invaluable investment for you and your organisation. By investing in patent protection, you protect the way your invention works, ensuring your innovation is safe from would-be imitators. To learn more about patenting your invention, contact Michael Buck IP.

VirtuReal demonstration - man in VR headset and standing on omnidirectional treadmill in a green screened room testing virtual reality capabilities
Photo: VirtuReal.com.au