COVID-19 Update: Australia January 2021

IP Australia’s streamlined process to provide free extensions of time to customers impacted by COVID-19 continues. Australia’s IP Office have advised that the deadline has been further extended until 28 February 2021. This period could be extended further, and IP Australia have said they will give at least one week’s notice before the special extension of time process is ended.

As stated on IP Australia’s website, if a deadline cannot be met because of COVID-19 then customers can submit a request for an extension of time. An initial extension of time of up to three months is available and is free of charge. More details can be found here:

IP Australia have also advised of delays in the examination of trade marks.

Please note that delays will not change the date from which any rights granted take effect as these stem from the date of filing and not the date of examination.

If you have been impacted by COVID-19 and require assistance with your IP rights or you require any further information, please speak with your attorney or contact us