Engineering Fields

Engineering encompasses many inter-related disciplines and technical areas, with a very specific knowledge base required in order to successfully secure patent protection in any of these areas. MBIP’s qualified attorneys possess knowledge and experience across various engineering fields, including chemical and materials, mechanical, electrical, electronic, and micro- and nano-engineering.

Our Expertise Across Engineering Fields

We have worked with local and overseas clients in a broad range of industries, including:

Industry Experience and Technical Knowledge

Our patent attorneys boast engineering degrees and hands-on experience in these industries, having worked in in-house, industrial, and research roles. This dual expertise allows us to deeply understand the technical intricacies and inventive concepts behind your innovations, as well as the unique challenges faced in your field. This comprehensive understanding is crucial for drafting and prosecuting effective patents.

We approach the drafting and prosecution of patent and design applications with a strategic mindset, ensuring optimal outcomes for our clients.

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