Having grown up on a farm it’s only natural that Kassandra Kros’ love of animals and in particular, her appreciation for chickens, lead her to create Backyard Chicken Coops.

When Kassandra and her husband started Backyard Chicken Coops over 10 years ago, they knew they could make a huge difference in the quality of homes for chickens by creating coops and accessories with the very best available materials, while still keeping products affordable. 

Their success has come from a desire for quality and a passion for designing coops from scratch that focus on longevity and aesthetics.

Bok Bok Box (TM) Treadle Feeder

Bok Bok Box!

This a great trade mark because it is distinctive and has that amusing sound association that helps the product stand out from others.

The Bok Bok Box Treadle Feeder is made from durable rust-proof aluminium and has several key features that help chicken owners save money, including a step-on mechanism and soft-close lid. Since pests and vermin are attracted to stray chicken feed, the lid will keep food secure overnight and dry during rainy periods as well as help prevent food wastage from spillage and messy raking.

It has taken time for Backyard Chicken Coops to develop their products and grow their brand portfolio and they have used different IP rights to their advantage. While registered designs cover the unique visual appearance of products ranging from feeders to deluxe chicken penthouses, patents protect the way these products function.

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