vEEF Smoky Bbq Packaging

Let’s vEEF things up with a trade mark

Brands are creatively catering to the growing vegetarian trend. 2023 data shows that in Australia 4% of people are now eating all or almost all vegetarian (Veggie Wonderlands: Exploring The Most Vegetarian Countries (

Award-winning chef Alejandro Cancino (who happens to follow a vegan lifestyle) has created 4 tasty, high-quality meat-free options for those seeking vegan burger patties. Creating a plant-based meat-alternative to the beloved hamburger was a smart move as Alejandro’s product sales are taking off both in Australia and around the world.

Alejandro trained internationally and moved to Australia in 2012. In 2013 he was crowned the Good Food Guide’s Chef of the Year (Queensland). If you recognise his name, it may be because you are familiar with acclaimed restaurant Urbane where Alejandro led the team in its growth, from two-hats to three, becoming one of only six restaurants in Australia to share this achievement.

Vegan foodies not only have the choice to buy vEEF patties at Woolworths and selected IGA supermarkets to cook for themselves at home, but they can also order from a number of well-known burger joints and vegan- friendly cafes around south east Queensland, including BurgerUrge and Alejandro’s very own – Grassfed Plantbased.

With his quality products entering the food and beverage market, it made sense for Alejandro to seek brand protection. Alejandro previously engaged MBIP for registration of his company trade mark Fënn Foods, and more recently sought advice from Geraldine Rimmer, Senior Associate, who is assisting him with protecting the vEEF brand in Australia and in a number of overseas markets including Singapore.

It is an exciting time for Alejandro and the increasingly successful vEEF brand – as well as being a great win for vegans and also non-vegans, as these patties are delicious and healthy!

We congratulate Alejandro on his success and look forward to seeing him expand his vegan manufacturing company. You can follow @veefbyfennfoods on Instagram.