It’s been an exciting time for us. When I say “us” I mean my dear wife and helper here Megan and me and also Nel, who’s recently joined us and is giving us a hand on the admin side of things. Exciting because we’ve just moved into a new office. We were at 196 Moggill Road for almost four years and the little office we had there was pretty much bursting at the seams.  It had been a jeweler’s shop in a previous life and was a bit of an unlikely spot to open a patent attorney office though it worked out surprisingly well for us.

The new office is about 800 metres closer to Toowong along Moggill road, between the Mazda car dealership and Brisbane Boys College. It’s about three times bigger than our old place and has been completely refitted for the move thanks to Megan’s tireless project management.

I guess it’s pretty obvious to most people (though for some reason I didn’t get it) that the physical environment you work in must impact on the way that you feel while you work but the fact is that I didn’t notice the creeping clutter. The extra space has been rejuvenating.  I’m enjoying the panoramic view of the Ipswich railway line. Sure, it’s not a view of a park, the ocean or distant misty mountains but it has its moments. So far I’ve seen electric commuter trains,a  double diesel locomotive pulling endless platforms laden with containers a country train and believe it or not a steam train, which I suspect must have been rolling to the Ipswich train museum.

Life isn’t all office moves and trainspotting though.  On a more academic note I very much enjoyed attending an LESANZ presentation yesterday morning at Customs House.  Professor Mark Harvey, Deputy Vice Chancellor Research & Innovation at the University of Southern Queensland spoke on valuing and value adding for intellectual property in start up companies.  Mark’s presentation was very interesting and informative, He has been involved in IPOs and deal making first hand and had some fascinating war stories. Good too to catch up with some great people I haven’t had an opportunity to see for quite a while including Ernie Graf from FAK and Wayne Slater from Gateway.