helping applicants from overseas

If you’re an overseas attorney, an individual, or a member of a company or other organisation that wishes to secure patent, trademark or design rights in Australia or New Zealand then we’re here to assist you.


We are registered with both IP Australia (The Australian Patent, Trade Mark and Designs Office) and the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) and we act directly with both official organizations.


Why You Can Confidently Select Michael Buck IP as Your Agent


There are several good reasons for engaging Michael Buck IP to be your agent in Australia and New Zealand.


  1. We are experienced with working for clients located in overseas countries. About a third of our work is for overseas clients.
  2. We understand the difficulties that can arise when instructing service providers in far away places from our own experiences.  Consequently we take care to use clear communication to avoid misunderstandings and reduce unwelcome surprises.
  3. We want each of our overseas clients to be more than happy with our service so that they will engage us again.
  4. We strive to reach internal targets for reporting official actions and acting on your instructions.  For example, one of our operating procedures is to report official actions to overseas clients within five working days.
  5. Our correspondence during the prosecution of an application includes information about the next procedural steps and also provides information about the costs that can be expected for those steps.  This information helps our clients to make informed decisions about the path that to take.
  6. We are cost effective for overseas clients.  For example, we bill our overseas clients in the softer Australian dollar rather than in US currency..
  7. We don’t bill for “sundries”, reporting filing receipts, providing status reports or for answering minor queries.


Contact us for more information about your specific requirements.

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