We are Patent Attorneys in Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Michael Buck IP has been a Brisbane and Sydney based independent patent attorney and trade mark firm for many years with Micheal himself a registered Australian patent and trade mark attorney since 1998. We have a team of 8 attorneys specialising in patents, trademarks and design registrations. Our team has in depth expertise across huge areas of business including mechanical, electrical, software, medical devices, chemical, biotech plus many more.

Who We Are

We are a team of highly experienced professional attorneys who are passionate about what we do and motivated in our work. Knowing bit about us is essential in choosing a patent or trademark attorney.

You’ll Be In Safe Hands – Experience is key and we have prepared and prosecuted hundreds of cases worldwide.

We Have a Clear Process – It’s in both our interests to be on the same page regarding the processes involved, timeframes and costs.

Personalised Service – Returning calls and learning about our clients is an important part of the process and we strive for that personal connection.

Independent Firm – Many firms are wholly owned by large publicly listed companies. We are truly independent that is wholly owned by the people that work within the firm. 

What We Do

We have helped our clients secure their products and ideas from their competitors not only in Australia but worldwide. From large corporations to individual inventors, we can help you protect your business by securing trademarks, patents and design registrations worldwide.

  • Help you obtain granted patents, trade mark registrations and design registrations
  • Provide opinion and advice on patents, trade mark and design infringements
  • Give advice on how to manage and enforce your IP (Intellectual Property) rights
  • Perform IP Audits and monitoring services
  • Obtain your Plant Breeders Rights registrations
  • Provide infringement avoidance advice
  • Advise on Business Names and Domain Name disputes

Work With Us As Your Patent Attorneys

Whether you need a patent, think someone has infringed one, need to renew a lapsed trademark or need help creating and protecting a brand then just get in touch. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you must have.

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