Resources & Mining Technology

As the resources and mining technology sector continues to develop with improvements in environmentally friendly technologies, as well as advancements in mechanical capabilities and efficient processes, these innovations may be eligible for patent or design protection. Protecting these innovations through patent or design protection can be a strategic move to maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

MBIP’s Mining and Legal Expertise

Our patent attorneys have both expertise and in-industry experience in the resources and mining technology sectors. As well as our detailed technical knowledge, our attorneys are also well-versed in patent law, having completed degrees in intellectual property on top of their scientific and/or engineering degrees. Our patents team includes professionals with qualifications in Australia and other jurisdictions who have the crucial combination of education and experience required to successfully prosecute patents for both local and foreign clients.

Areas of Expertise – Resources & Mining

We can work with clients to draft and prosecute applications for patents related to a diverse range of areas in the resources and mining sector, such as:

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