Success From Home: Ulterra SoftDrive

Australian Invention Picked Up by Major American Mining Company

A new mining tool created by individual Australian inventor Nathan Andrews Brooks is being engineered by major American mining company Ulterra Drilling Technologies.

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Ulterra is the largest independent global supplier of Polycrystalline Diamon Compact (PDC) bits.

The innovative new SoftDrive drilling system increases the life and durability of drill bits while ensuring mine, worker, and equipment safety by introducing an additional moveable joint into the design. This allows for the blade to be more easily removed and changed, and absorbs vibration and shock levels while drilling, effectively making the process smoother, safer, and faster. 


To learn more about Ulterra, the SoftDrive torsional shock absorber, and other exciting mining technology being developed, visit their website:

Softrdrive Mining Tool
Photo source: SoftDrive – Ulterra – New Drilling Tool for Mining

IP Protection

Andy Mukherji from Michael Buck IP has been assisting with the patenting of this ground-breaking Australian invention, preparing numerous patent applications and providing advice on IP related matters including patent filing and prosecution strategy. We are proud of the success of this local invention and its growth on a global scale – an incredible development from so close to home. Most of our attorneys have had real world experience in engineering and in recent years, we have applied our expertise to drafting patent applications for clients in a variety of areas across mechanical, engineering, and mining technologies including minerals processing methods and development.

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