Techshot, new cricket technology: An IP Case Study

Will Prowse has enjoyed a life time love of cricket, yet transitioning from player to coach brought the realisation that one of the hardest skills for a young batsman to learn is to hit the ball late and keep their shape post-contact.

As a civil engineer, Will was challenged to find a coaching solution to this unnatural batting strike position and swing pattern.

He knew the answer lay in a training aid that would provide resistance training, a device that would alert the user when their body is not in the correct position. With the knowledge he was onto a unique and innovative design, Will turned to MBIP to seek patent and trademark registration for his invention. In addition to Australia, Will has filed patent and trade mark applications in other cricket playing nations including India, and the United Kingdom.

Will continues to grow Techshot’s recognition with a series of online training videos and sale of Techshot through the Greg Chappell Cricket Centres. International sales have already started, including to the home of cricket in the UK, but his goal is for greater international commercialisation and sales, especially into the cricket mad sub-continental markets.