World IP Day 2020 focuses on innovating for a green future


Each year on April 26, we IP professionals celebrate World Intellectual Property Day.

The day encourages people from across the globe to think about the role that intellectual property rights play in fostering innovation and creativity and to look at the role of IP in their own organisation.

The event was established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2000 and this year the theme is innovating for a green future.

Let’s celebrate all the pioneering inventors and creators who are working to shape a future that is green and from which we will all benefit.

At MBIP we are privileged to work with inventors, businesses and researchers developing cutting-edge technology and solutions for a sustainable future.

Here are just a couple of the successful Australian businesses we have been working with in relation to patent protection.

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SMARTBLOX is an Australian company with a mission to solve access to renewable entry. Their SolarBlox is an entire solar generation system in a single portable product that can be stackable and set up without any technical knowledge.

SolarBlox are transportable and are also scalable – multiple units can be connected together for additional power output as needed.

SolarBlox can produce a continuous level of residential power to run appliances through a standard power outlet and can be used remotely, whether that be outdoors, in remote regions, or in areas needing solutions for disaster relief.


Since their inception in 2001, Tritium have been designing and manufacturing advanced DC fast-charging equipment for electric vehicles (EV).


Recently Dan Murphy’s (a leading liquor retail chain in Australia) installed its first Veefil-RT 50kW charger. Drivers can charge their cars quickly at convenient locations and the “user units” have a slim design and small footprint. The small footprint allows the system to fit easily into existing sites and make the most of underutilised space (such as that in a carpark, pictured here).

Although the Tritium global headquarters and main manufacturing plant is based in Queensland, Australia, the award winning business has sales and manufacturing facilities in Amsterdam and Los Angeles.

Tritium have also have partnered with IONITY, a joint venture between BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen, to supply its Veefil-PK 350kW DC high power electric vehicle (EV) chargers for 120 new IONITY charging sites across Europe making Tritium the largest supplier to the IONITY network.

MBIP makes the most of the “Sunshine State” and embraces green power

Earlier this year, MBIP chose to have solar panels installed onto the roof of our office in Red Hill.

We believe that investing in renewable energy is a step towards protecting our environment and we can each do our part by using clean alternatives to fossil fuel.

Other than reducing our carbon footprint and reducing our electricity bills, one of the other benefits of solar energy is that it results in very few air pollutants which can contribute to health problems.

If you are celebrating World IP Day this year, remember to consider:

✅The choices we make today will shape our tomorrow.
✅The earth is our home.
✅We need to care for it.

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Happy World IP Day!