Defence is the best attack

Every country’s trademark law has its own quirks, which may be manipulated to a trademark owner’s advantage. Defensive trademark registrations remain available in Australia. This little known permutation of the standard trademark is exceptionally valuable for two reasons – strengthening portfolios and saving money. What are defensive trademark registrations? There is a difference between registering […]

Meet our Attorneys

The MBIP experience starts with our professional team understanding your unique patent or trademark requirement. Our dedicated team, led by partners Michael Buck and Andy Mukherji, along  aim to work with you to create a professional relationship, ensuring you understand the processes of having your intellectual property safeguarded. Michael Buck – Partner, Patent and Trade […]

MBIP in Europe this Autumn

MBIP patent attorney partner Dr Andy Mukherji will be visiting clients and partner firms in Germany this September, and he would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your colleagues. Andy will be travelling to the German cities of Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf and Cologne where he will present updates to associate firms and clients, […]