How WIPO is Tracking Patent Progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

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The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) recently released a report on the role of patents in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). So, what are the SDGs, what has WIPO found, and where does Australia fit in? What are the SDGs? The SDGs are a set of targets adopted by all UN nations […]

From Academia to IP Law: Making the Transition

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I was unsatisfied and unfulfilled in STEM Academia. Now I am training to be a Patent and Trade Marks Attorney. If you know, you know – Academia can be rough. The short-term contracts. Unpaid outreach work, unpaid peer review. The 80/20 research/teaching contract that is more like 10/110. Knowing that your research project could really progress […]

According to whom? Deceptive Similarity in Australian Trade Marks

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If you have made an application for a new trade mark in Australia, it is possible that the application will be objected to during the examination process. Don’t panic. There is a good chance a registered trade mark attorney can offer their assistance. There are several possible reasons for this that will vary depending on […]

A Place for Patent Protection in Australia’s AI Ecosystem

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The National Artificial Intelligence Centre, a branch of CSIRO, has recently released the AI Ecosystems Report 2023. The report highlights the key artificial intelligence areas that Australian innovators should pursue in order to become globally competitive, including the livestock, horticulture and medical technologies industries. Also highlighted is the need for inventors to pursue intellectual property […]

Patent Attorney-at-Law? Not Down Under

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Atticus Finch. Annalise Keating. Matt Murdock. Ally McBeal. Harvey Specter. Pop culture is replete with famous attorneys delving into crime scenes and striding about operatically in courtrooms. They defend the innocent and prosecute the guilty (or sometimes the other way around). They practice widely in all forms of law, from criminal to maritime, real estate […]

What I learned in my first six months as a Trainee Patent Attorney

Eight months ago, I had heard of patents, trade marks, and copyrights, but I didn’t know what they were or their differences. Since joining Michael Buck IP as a trainee patent attorney, I have plunged head-first into the exciting world of intellectual property. If you have developed some intellectual property and think you might need […]

A fine line between Protox & Botox: overturned Trade Mark Decision  

Self Care IP Holdings Pty Ltd & Anor v Allergan Australia Pty Ltd & Anor [2023], HCA 8 In overturning the decision of the Full Federal Court, the High Court of Australia has asserted that the reputation of a trade mark has no bearing when considering the possibility of deceptive infringement under s 120(1) of […]

Patents: Be part of History

Development of the patent system When you take out a patent, you are engaging with a legal and economic system that dates back to renaissance Venice. Although it is probable that various kingdoms or localities around Europe were in the practice of granting official monopolies of one kind or another, the earliest known patent system […]