Client Spotlight – Dnoodle: A New Twist on Spillproof Technology


The Product  Are you a chronic drink spiller? Dnoodle is here to help.   The invention by MBIP clients Scott and Kristy Tarratt provides a spill-free drink holder through use of aerospace magnets combined with UV-resistant polycarbonate, stainless steel components, and durable 3M adhesive.   Based in Queensland, Kristy and Scott came up with the idea for […]

Client Spotlight – VirtuReal

Close Up Man Wearing Vr Glasses 23 2148864995

Tactical and weapons training presents defence and first responder organisations with unique challenges. Insufficient realism, real-time feedback and interaction, and spatial and monetary constraints can lead to inadequate or inconsistent training outcomes for high-risk situations.  Introducing VirtuReal’s Translocative Virtual Reality (TrVR) System: A highly immersive system that can drop dismounted combatants into a large scale, […]

Client Spotlight – mYmosa: Bottomless good times with this Aussie brand

Three pink cans of beverage sitting in the sand at a beach

Founded in 2021, beverage brand mYmosa is a nod to the lifestyle philosophy “that we should all live life as if it is bottomless” from two Brisbane communications professionals. Branding experts Bec Pini and Amanda Goddard were inspired by a trip they had taken to New York some years prior to COVID-19, and their vision for […]

Client Spotlight – bobi: A Breath of Fresh Air for Stress Management

Bobi Side Image

With mental health and wellbeing becoming more of a focus for people across the world, there are more innovative inventions occurring in this space which aim to improve wellbeing for people everywhere. When psychologist Damien Thomas noticed how difficult it was for his clients (particularly those suffering from stress and anxiety) to form good breathing […]

Client Spotlight: Audeara  

Photo of Audeara headphones and app on phone

It’s always exciting when one of our local clients experiences great success – as is the case for long time client Audeara in their recent announcement of quarterly results. The last year has seen some inspiring advancements for the Australian startup, including awards, overseas expansion, and plans for new projects.   About Audeara  Hearing health is […]

Aussie founders continue to optimise vertical farming for clean food

Orlar was founded in Brisbane in 2014 by Dr Lyndal Hugo and Amanda Cornelissen. Their mission was to develop a new form of vertical farming to produce affordable, accessible, and contaminant-free organic produce. Cornelissen’s experience as a horticulturist, in combination with Hugo’s experience in agriscience, a PhD in environmental chemistry and a post-doctoral fellowship on […]

WORLD IP DAY 2022 – IP and Youth: Innovating for a better future

The future of our planet weighs heavily on all our minds, but especially on those of younger generations like Gen Z and Centennials. Pollution and environmental issues are of major concern and according to a December 2019 major survey of more than 10,000 young people published by Amnesty International, climate change is one of the […]

Patenting Landscape for Hydrogen Technologies: A world-wide study

Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements on Earth and is a very versatile source of energy with potential applications for automobile, transportation and large-scale industrial applications such as steel and ammonia production. When compared with other traditional fossil fuels, byproducts from burning hydrogen cause no pollution. Hydrogen technology appears to be the most […]

Aquarium pioneers – Advanced Aquarium Technologies®

Advanced Aquarium Technologies® (AAT) is a world leader in the design, construction, and operation of landmark public aquariums. The company has delivered major projects in 25 countries, including Den Blå Planet (the national aquarium of Denmark), the Oman Aquarium, the Cube Oceanarium in Chengdu, China, and the Ocean Park Grand Aquarium in Hong Kong. Closer […]

Client Spotlight: WISHLIST

Supporting Sunny Coast health since 1998 Undergoing surgery, rehabilitation and other ongoing medical treatments can be difficult at the best of times let alone during a pandemic. Wishlist is a not-for-profit charity which aims to make hospital experiences better by improving care and creating special programs that support patients and their families, both physically and […]