At MBIP, our patent and trade mark attorneys have assisted food brands and food tech developers to protect, enforce and defend their intellectual property (IP) rights.

We understand the challenges faced by companies in this highly competitive market and use our expertise in intellectual property law to help both established and emerging innovators in this industry.

Food & beverage intellectual property protection

Since you are likely investing considerable resources into developing, packaging, and selling your products, IP protection is very relevant and can play an important role in your success as you grow your business.

Food and beverage businesses can benefit from various forms of IP including patents, trade marks, GIs, and design protection. Our team has a vast range of expertise which means whatever your product, we can advise on the best IP strategy.

Our dedicated sector group has extensive experience in the food and beverage industry, and we are proud to work with a broad range of clients, from local startups to SMEs and large multinational brands. 


We have particular expertise in:

• Confectionery

• Coffee

• Non-alcoholic beverages, juice and sports drinks

• Alcoholic beverages including wine and craft beer

• Nutritional supplements

• Dairy foods

• Seafood, meat and poultry

• Meat alternatives

• Food processing  

• Food chemistry

• Transport and distribution

• Preparation of agricultural products

• Modified enzymes; and

• Food packaging and processing.

Our Comprehensive Services

Leading design law expertise

Our expertise within design law and registered design rights means that if you are seeking protection for the appearance of your products, whether that is the food product itself or its packaging, we can also assist.


• Patent, trade mark and design application drafting, prosecution and registration

• Strategic IP portfolio creation, development and management

• Assistance with Madrid application prosecution

• Infringement and validity advice

• IP audits and “due diligence” advice

• IP enforcement

 IP transfers, NDAs & licensing advice


Meet the team: Phil Jeffrey | Geraldine Rimmer

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