industries in focus

Our Australian patent and trade marks attorneys have a wealth of experience and are happy to work with you to maximise strategies to protect your brands and innovations, relevant to your particular industry. 


Food and beverage is a diverse and increasingly innovative sector, with growing trends in food production, sustainability, and changing demands by consumers.

Our team consists of highly experienced attorneys who have assisted both local and overseas companies with their trade mark and patent portfolios.

We act for several Australian food and beverage brands including local producers and larger food manufacturers.


  • Alcoholic beverages including wine and craft beer
  • Confectionery
  • Coffee
  • Dairy foods
  • Seafood, meat, and poultry
  • Meat alternatives
  • Non-alcoholic beverages, juice, and sports drinks
  • Nutritional supplements

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Internet and cloud computing systems are enabling people to work anywhere and the use of artificial intelligence in the processing of data and automation processes is increasing across a multitude of industries.  Our attorneys have worked in industry and have expertise in both hardware and software aspects of computing.

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Designers and creators in the fashion industry may be familiar with copyright law, which is commonly used to protect creative artistic works. Further to that IP right, trade marks and registered designs provide protection.

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Demand for cosmetic products that can be produced and distributed in multiple jurisdictions can create challenges for brand owners.

Our attorneys understand the needs of beauty and wellness brands and the importance of IP rights when it comes to manufacturing, packaging, and marketing cosmetic products.

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