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What are the BENEFITS of registering your IP?

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Registering your intellectual property gives you the exclusive right to sell, promote or develop a product for a certain length of time. Enforcement is greatly amplified.

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Increases the value of licensing, franchising, manufacturing, and distribution agreements.

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Increases the demonstrable assets of the business - more attractive to potential buyers of the business (future proof).

IP Owners in Australia

Do you own a brand, product, or service that you are seeking to protect?

We can assist you to secure intellectual property rights in Australia, New Zealand and overseas. If you have questions about the commercialisation journey, we can answer them.

Do you already own a registered patent, trade mark, or registered design?

If you’re seeking expert guidance, we can help you manage your IP rights and portfolio.

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Protecting your IP in Australia

Your intellectual property is a big part of what differentiates you from your competitors. It is also a capital asset, meaning if you are seeking out investors or if you go to sell your business, value is tied up in your IP.


Our team provides attorney services, specifically relating to patent, trade mark and design application drafting, prosecution, and registration

  • Strategic IP portfolio creation, development, and management
  • Oppositions and enforcement
  • Infringement and validity advice
  • IP audits and “due diligence” advice
  • Searches and freedom to operate

Do you need a Patent?

Patents are a form of registrable intellectual property that protect the way a product or process works. A granted patent provides a legal monopoly that can be used to stop competitors from making unauthorised use of an invention.

Patents are jurisdictional in nature, and we can help you with achieving a patent in Australia and overseas jurisdictions.

A key part of our work is “drafting”, i.e., preparing patent applications and progressing them through examination to grant. On a per/attorney basis our firm is one of the highest volume originating drafters of patent applications in Australia. When you ask us to prepare your patent application you take advantage of the experience, we’ve gained from preparing hundreds of patent specifications. While we regularly prepare patent applications for complex inventions, we also help many small businesses and tradespeople protect simple innovations and products.

For more information about the services, we provide and how we can assist you, schedule a meeting with us – it’s cost and obligation free.

Protecting your IP – overseas and international markets

Do you need to obtain IP protection overseas? 
We regularly help our clients obtain intellectual property rights in many overseas countries. Apart from the more common filing jurisdictions of the USA, New Zealand, Europe, Japan and China, we’ve also helped our local clients seek IP protection in less common filing countries such as Israel, Colombia, Chile Peru, Russia, Malaysia, South Africa, Canada, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Mexico, Singapore, Brazil, Nigeria, Philippines, Algeria and Morocco. We achieve this by understanding and using a number of international agreements concerning intellectual property, such as the Paris Convention, Patent Cooperation Treaty and Madrid Protocol.

We find that many Australian businesses and individual inventors have plans for commercializing their product in overseas countries. 

We can help you to defer the timing and costs of overseas applications while still preserving your potential intellectual property rights in foreign jurisdictions.

If you’re contemplating seeking overseas patent, trade mark or design protection then we can help you with cost effective, independent associate patent attorney representation in foreign countries.   Call us to find out more, but don’t leave it too late!


At Michael Buck IP our team has come together to form a firm that understands the value of relationships and the importance of being responsive and agile when it comes to our clients. We have learnt a lot from our past experiences working at large multinational firms as well as IP Australia. Our track record of success makes us one of the leading boutique patent and trade mark attorney firms in Australia. Our attorneys have helped protect the innovations and brand assets of many clients in Australia and overseas.

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