A long weekend every second weekend: “9 day work fortnight” trial commences at MBIP

Michael Buck IP office - 159 Musgrave Rd Red Hill 4059

At Michael Buck IP we encourage our staff to be open to (and contribute) new ideas as well as embrace different ways of working, which is why we have started to trial a 9 day work fortnight.

With the aim of fostering general well-being and maintaining high engagement and productivity while reducing stress, we see the 9-day fortnight as a natural progression towards an even better working environment. The direct link between employee satisfaction and productivity is well known and early signs are that all our staff members have embraced their new-found lives outside the office walls and office productivity has never been higher before.

In Australia, flexible working arrangements may be more common in independent boutique businesses and government organisations. Traditionally, some larger conservative firms may have made minor efforts to accommodate their employees’ work life balance. However, we believe that boutique law firms like MBIP can lead the way in providing employees with an excellent work environment.

“I’d have jumped at the chance to have a long weekend every second week. It gives people a chance to go into town while everything’s open.  I’m completely confident it will work out well for our people and the firm overall” says Principal, Michael Buck.

Among the benefits of flexible work arrangements are:

  • Building a “give-take” culture that values the different needs of its employees
  • Job satisfaction and employees feeling positively about employers
  • Team building and efficiency – combined effort to get tasks completed
  • Reduced risk of staff turnover and time wasted at work


The rostered day off will vary amongst the team to ensure the office is still open and continuing to service clients at a high level during our regular working hours while also allowing individuals to balance home/family commitments (not to mention make the most of summer!)

If you are highly motivated professional that would like to work at a progressive patent and trade mark attorney firm, please contact us confidential@mbip.com.au.