Louis Vuitton Trade Mark Disputes: High-End and High-Stakes

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In the fashion world, your name and reputation are crucial. The name of your brand and the distinctive branding elements you use to mark it (for example, a logo) can be protected by trade marks, to ensure customers can clearly identify your brand and to stop others from capitalising on your distinctive branding features, potentially […]

WIPO Update: Long-Awaited IP Treaty for Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge

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24 May 2024 marked a historic moment, wherein World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) member states approved of a new Treaty that is the first to look towards the interface between intellectual property, genetic resources, and traditional knowledge. This approval follows from long-standing negotiations that began over two decades ago, back in 2001 and represents a […]

A new chapter for Brisbane Patent and Trade Mark Attorney firm MBIP

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Original article published on Lexology 29 May 2024 The Brisbane intellectual property (IP) attorney profession has undergone substantial changes over the last 5 years. Brisbane is considered a major centre of research and innovation in the Asia-Pacific, so it seems logical that there are a substantial amount of patent attorneys living and working in this global city. […]

Cross-Pollination: Beyond Local Innovation in IP


As a South African who has recently embarked on a journey to Australia (or the “Land Down Under,” as some of my peers prefer), I’ve found it interesting to see how the problems that inventions aim to address differ between the two countries, even when the inventions themselves are sometimes of a similar nature. On […]

Rectifying errors on the patent Register: the Commissioner’s power


The present article is our fifth in the series discussing patent ownership and entitlement, following on from our previous topics of discussion concerning: (i) how patent ownership is distinct from the concept of entitlement, (ii) how entitlement disputes between joint applicants may be resolved, (iii) how eligible persons can seek to apply for a determination […]

Challenging patent entitlement as an eligible person

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Following on from our previous articles where we have discussed how patent ownership is distinct from the concept of entitlement and also how entitlement disputes between joint applicants may be resolved under Section 32 of the Patents Act 1990 (“the Act”), the present article provides further information on how eligible persons can apply for a […]

Implications of Generative AI for Intellectual Property  

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The rise in prominence of generative AI has brought about changes in the way the world operates in many respects, and continues to change the legal and professional landscape as its capabilities develop.   The term generative AI refers to artificial intelligence models which can generate new content after learning to recognise patterns and structures within […]

From Academia to IP Law: Making the Transition

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I was unsatisfied and unfulfilled in STEM Academia. Now I am training to be a Patent and Trade Marks Attorney. If you know, you know – Academia can be rough. The short-term contracts. Unpaid outreach work, unpaid peer review. The 80/20 research/teaching contract that is more like 10/110. Knowing that your research project could really progress […]