Client Spotlight: Audeara  

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It’s always exciting when one of our local clients experiences great success – as is the case for long time client Audeara in their recent announcement of quarterly results. The last year has seen some inspiring advancements for the Australian startup, including awards, overseas expansion, and plans for new projects.   About Audeara  Hearing health is […]


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Following on from our previous post in this series regarding less utilised trade mark applications which may be beneficial in providing additional protection to your brand or a new and efficient avenue of protection not previously considered, we continue our summary of less common trade marks. Defensive, series, collective and certification trade marks are not […]

If Only You Sold the Burgers Raw… 


BIG MAC smashes burger BIG JACK  The buns have been burned and there is sauce on the floor as the Federal Court hands down its decision in the great burger war between McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s – McD Asia Pacific LLC v Hungry Jack’s Pty Ltd [2023] FCA 1412 a single judge decision before Justice […]

Patent considerations in the immunotherapy space: Claiming by structure

Chemist Ppe Suit Using Micropipette Filling Test Tubes Modern Equipped Laboratory Team Scientists Examining Virus Evolution Using High Tech Vaccine Development Against Covid19

In our previous articles, we discussed some general considerations that are likely important for Applicants seeking to obtain international patent protection for antibody inventions. These considerations, which concerned the requirements for support and enablement, as well as the requirements for inventive step focused primarily on Australia, the US and Europe as the main jurisdictions for […]

Barbie has a lot of IP Under Her Stylish Belt

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After the Barbie movie’s resounding success, both Barbie and Ken costumes were incredibly popular choices for Halloween this year, and no doubt Barbie will be on many Christmas wish lists heading into the festive season. Mattel poked fun at themselves in the movie, but with plans to license many of their children’s toys properties for […]

Inventive step considerations in the immunotherapy space

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Following on from our previous article, which discussed some considerations for support and enablement of antibody inventions, our present article discusses the assessment of inventive step across the jurisdictions of Australia, Europe and the US, which relates closely to the criteria for support and enablement. Inventive step objections typically arise as a result of insufficient […]

Canada Trade Mark Update: Additional French-language requirements

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On 1 June 2025, Canadian traders may be impacted by wide-ranging amendments to the Charter of French Language made by Bill 96 which affect trading in Quebec. Nine of Canada’s provinces and three of its territories are English speaking.  However, in Quebec which is the largest province by area and the second-largest by population, French is the official and preponderant […]

A case of not comparing Apple(s) with oranges…

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A recent decision (Apple Inc. [2023] ADO 2) is a timely reminder for attorneys and applicants of the importance of ensuring that the differences are especially mentioned in the Statement of Newness and Distinctiveness for an Australian registered design. The design at the center of this case was Australian Design 202115002 and, during examination, a […]

Patent Considerations in the Immunotherapy Space: Support and Enablement

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Market analytics reveals that the global antibody therapy market revenue is expected to surpass USD $450 billion by 2028, which by comparison is more than double that of the global market value of approximately USD $180 billion back in 2021. Such growth in the global market is driven predominantly by research in the therapeutic space, […]