Implications of Generative AI for Intellectual Property  

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The rise in prominence of generative AI has brought about changes in the way the world operates in many respects, and continues to change the legal and professional landscape as its capabilities develop.   The term generative AI refers to artificial intelligence models which can generate new content after learning to recognise patterns and structures within […]

From Academia to IP Law: Making the Transition

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I was unsatisfied and unfulfilled in STEM Academia. Now I am training to be a Patent and Trade Marks Attorney. If you know, you know – Academia can be rough. The short-term contracts. Unpaid outreach work, unpaid peer review. The 80/20 research/teaching contract that is more like 10/110. Knowing that your research project could really progress […]

World IP Day 2024 – IP and 17 Sustainable Development Goals

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April 26th is a very special day in the IP community: World Intellectual Property Day. The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) established World IP day in 2000, and since then it has been used as an opportunity to reflect on how intellectual property (IP) impacts lives across the globe. This year, World IP Day focuses […]

A Day in the working life of an Australian Attorney: Q & A with Caleb Maher

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Intellectual property (IP) is such an interesting mix of law and commercial practicality. While it is a niche area, working in IP means we get to meet with people and business owners from all industries, see all the innovative work they’re doing, and help them achieve IP protection for their brands, products and services. The […]

Barbie has a lot of IP Under Her Stylish Belt

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After the Barbie movie’s resounding success, both Barbie and Ken costumes were incredibly popular choices for Halloween this year, and no doubt Barbie will be on many Christmas wish lists heading into the festive season. Mattel poked fun at themselves in the movie, but with plans to license many of their children’s toys properties for […]

Intellectual Property in Fashion

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In today’s article we are taking a look at intellectual property in the fashion industry. From mass market fast fashion to haute couture, IP has a critical role to play in keeping your in-vogue styles protected from head to toe. We have put together a few useful considerations for those creating and working within the […]

World IP Day 2023 – Women and IP: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity

Every year, in an effort to encourage people worldwide to consider IP’s role in the world of innovation, we in the IP world celebrate World Intellectual Property Day on April 26. This year’s theme is Women and IP: Accelerating Innovation and Creativity, drawing focus to the ways that women can and do contribute to the […]

Unjustifiably Outraged – The Potential Drawbacks of Incorrectly Alleging Infringement

Imagine this: You are browsing through the internet and come across a product or logo which you are ‘absolutely certain’ infringes your intellectual property rights – e.g. a patent application. In a fit of rage, you immediately contact the seller/supplier and allege they infringe your intellectual property rights, and you are going to sue them […]

Hammies caught short when it comes to trade marks: Levi’s takes issue with shorts-maker

Levi Strauss & Co. v. Hammies Company, 3:22-cv-07056 (N.D. Cal.).  Levi’s has filed a trade mark related lawsuit against Santa Barbara-based apparel company Hammies. According to the complaint filed by Levi Strauss & CO (Levi’s) in federal court on November 10, Levi’s claims that Hammies use of little fabric tags is infringing their “famous” tab […]


We had two more IP professionals join our team in 2022. We take this opportunity to learn more about our newest team member, her background, and what brought her to the intellectual property profession.  Vanessa Yeung, Patent & Trade Mark Attorney   Where did you grow up? In the UK, specifically in London. I have […]