Electrical & ICT Sector

The electronics, electrical, and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) areas often revolve around fast paced high-tech innovations. In Australia last year, computer technology was in the top 5 technology fields for volume of standard patent filings in 2023 (IP Australia Report 2024).

If your company has come up with innovative inventions in this area, it is worth investigating if they are eligible for intellectual property protection. Protecting these innovations with a patent or design registration is key when securing an advantage over competitors in your industry. Our patent attorneys can advise you on the patentability of your innovations in the fields of IT and electronics products.

Specialist Technical and Legal Knowledge

The high-tech nature of this field requires a high level of competency and specialised knowledge in the technical side of the patent process. MBIP’s patents team includes Australian patent attorneys with degrees in electrical engineering, and experience in the electrical, electronic and IT fields. This degree of understanding ensures the attorney can draft a patent that protects the innovative principles of your invention, with the best possible scope.

Areas of Expertise – Electrical & ICT Sector

We draft high tech patents which we’ve prosecuted through to grant in Australia and in major overseas jurisdictions for our clients. Our attorneys have assisted clients with patent protection in various technology areas, including:

Contact the MBIP team for expert advice on securing your intellectual property. Let us help you safeguard your technological advancements and stay ahead of the competition.