IP Australia waives fees to assist those impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak

coins in foreground clock in backgroundThe Australian Patent & Trade Marks Office (IP Australia) have announced that they are offering free three month extensions of time on most deadlines.

This arrangement applies to most Patents, Trade Marks, and Designs extension of time requests. This arrangement does not apply to extensions of time for payment of renewal fees. 

IP Australia have established a streamlined process for extension of time requests via their eServices portal, where users can select a ‘circumstances beyond the control of the person’ option.

In addition to this, IP Australia have said on their website that they are ”fast-tracking IT system upgrades to further streamline this process and allow fees to be waived up front. Until these upgrades are completed – before the end of April – the normal fee will need to be paid by customers through eServices and will be refunded by IP Australia”. 

Waiving of extension of time fees will be in place until at least 31 May 2020.

For more information visit: https://www.ipaustralia.gov.au/free-streamlined-extensions-time-covid-19-disruptions

If you require any assistance in seeking extensions then please contact one of our Australian attorneys at mail@mbip.com.au.