Each of these are examples of patent specifications that were prepared by an attorney of Michael Buck IP.  As you can see, we have experience in preparation of patent applications for a wide range of inventions.  There’s also a gallery of hi-tech patent applications here.


This patent was prepared for an Australian security company. It’s a lock barrel and key and it involved some intricate mechanical assemblies that were challenging to describe.


This US patent is for a circuit that was incorporated into a medical electronics device. The circuit prevents a phenomenon that damages silicon wafers called “hot electron breakthrough”. The drafting of this patent required electronic engineering knowledge and experience as the content relied heavily on circuit knowledge.


A local inventor from the south of Brisbane wanted to protect an automated gear change assembly he’d come up with for his power boat. The invention included mechanical, electronic and firmware components. The assembly drawings were prepared in AutoCad 3D and the inventor supplied me with the circuit schematics. I also included flowcharts to describe the firmware that the microprocessor executes.

Patent5 (1)

This international patent application was prepared for a local IT Professor and is for a method of making secure financial transactions over mobile phone networks. The Australian national phase of this application has been granted by the Australian Patent Office


The owner of a Nerang metal fabrication plant contacted us about a patent application for a turbulent flow heat exchanger that he’d developed. An international patent application was prepared and subsequently the national phase was entered in Australia and New Zealand. It’s been granted in both countries.