BuzzBuddy: Local talent designs innovative solution for musicians

BuzzBuddy fitted to a trumpet
BuzzBuddy fitted to a trumpet

Any brass playing enthusiast will know the mouth fatigue that comes from playing for hours; sore lip muscles are just part of the pursuit of musical perfection! Imagine then what it must be like for those musicians who have to deal with lip injuries or those that play with braces or other dental related devices fitted to their mouths.

An accomplished musician and instrumental brass teacher, Lisa Conlan-Holownia developed the BuzzBuddy after seeing her students, particularly trumpet players, suffer bruising, pain and even sometimes cuts while trying to learn and practice on their instruments. Unfortunately, this discomfort led to a number of students giving up.

Made from FDA (USA) approved food grade silicone, BuzzBuddy™ is reusable and designed to fit a standard 3C Trumpet mouthpiece but may fit most size mouthpieces. It can be applied easily by gently stretching it over the instrument’s mouthpiece.

The BuzzBuddy™ is like a lip cushion that provides comfort by creating a softer barrier which allows students to continue playing with their braces. It is also great for those who play in marching bands, reducing potential impact while moving. Overall, it provides improved playing stamina meaning brass musicians can practice or perform for longer.

By obtaining a patent, Lisa can protect the critical features of her product and form an entry barrier to potential competitors. She has also sought registration of a trade mark, which will ensure an enduring monopoly of one of the most valuable assets of her business. Once registered, Lisa’s trade mark will provide her with exclusive rights in the BuzzBuddy™ name, the ability to license use, and to stop third parties from using the name in respect of any similar product.

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