Leading Australian manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers opens US factory

Tritium has opened its first global electric vehicle fast charger manufacturing facility in the United States.

In our previous blog we shared news of the project which was only announced in February this year at the White House with President Joe Biden and Tritium chief executive officer Jane Hunter.

We were delighted to read the announcement that longstanding client Tritium is forging ahead in the USA.  MBIP’s links with Tritium go back to the early 2000’s when Michael Buck first visited Tritium as a start up in a small office in Woolloongabba, Brisbane.

For those who are not familiar, the successful Australian business is leading the way in exporting a high-tech clean-energy product. If you have used an electric vehicle (EV) direct current fast charger in Australia it is more than likely it was Tritium’s.

Tritium’s customers include BP, Shell and Ionity, a high-power charging station network founded by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford Motor and Volkswagen.

This week Tritium CEO Jane Hunter opened the new facility located in Lebanon, Tennessee, alongside Australia’s ambassador to the US Arthur Sinodinos and the company’s biggest shareholder Trevor St-Baker.

The new factory will initially produce the company’s award-winning and patented RTM fast charger and is expected to start production on the PKM150 early next year.

Tritium chief operating officer Glen Casey commented that the factory’s set-up was one of the fastest he’d seen in his 30-year career. The factory set up was in part led by Whitewater’s Robert Bruce, who was responsible for the rollout of Amazon’s fulfilment centres in Australia.

Until now, most of Tritium’s chargers have been made in Australia. The manufacturer of EV chargers is setting the pace for other foreign companies wanting to partake in the billions of dollars in incentives the Biden administration is offering to encourage self-reliant supply chain capabilities and decarbonise the US economy.

According to the Australian Financial Review there are now more than two million EVs and 100,000 chargers in the US and demand is only growing.

We look forward to seeing what comes next in Tritium’s continuous innovation journey.

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Photo source: (tritiumcharging.com)