Tritium makes big move towards investing in electric future

It has been a very good start to the year for key manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) chargers, Tritium. For those who missed it, Australian-based innovators Tritium became a publicly listed company on the Nasdaq exchange in January 2022 (under the ticker symbol “DCFC).

On top of this major achievement, yesterday the company officially announced their new US-based direct current (DC) fast charger manufacturing facility which will operate in the state of Tennessee later this year. The facility is expected to employ more than 500 people over the next five years and produce more than 10,000 fast charger units per year. United States President Biden and Tritium CEO Jane Hunter made a statement from the White House this week, with President Biden delivering remarks on the positive aspects of the Australian-American partnership which he said will also help reduce pollution and “keep families healthier as we tackle the climate crisis”. During the live announcement, Hunter also mentioned that Tritium’s expansion would help the current US administration fulfil their target of 50% of new cars sold to be electric cars by the year 2030.  

Established in 2001, Tritium have worked very hard over the past two decades to become a leading innovator and supplier in the fast charging advanced technology field. Their expansion into the United States reflects the growing global trend toward clean tech and charging solutions, which will allow drivers to charge their electric vehicles quickly and at convenient locations.

In 2021, Tritium’s patented fast chargers won Australian Good Design Awards in both the Engineering Design and Commercial & Industrial Product Design categories. They also made several big announcements, including a global agreement with multinational oil and gas company Shell.

Tritium chargers are now in 41 countries and counting. Our patent attorneys have had the pleasure of assisting Tritium with securing patents and registered de­­signs in key markets and are very proud to work with their innovative team. We are very excited to see an Australian company contributing to a cleaner and greener future and congratulate Tritium on this most recent acknowledgement of their achievements and continuous innovation.

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